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Started in 2011, CreateBook has grown into a full service self-publishing solution. We've worked with thousands of books, adapting our staff and services to meet their needs in an expanding eBook market. Our focus is to provide a publishing house quality experience for authors who want to retain the freedom of self-publishing.

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We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our authors:

  • We read every book sent to us — cover to cover

  • Our formatting staff is trained using only the most technically proficient methods

  • Our support staff is available daily, with a focus on one-on-one consultation

  • We are more than happy to help new or less technically knowledgeable authors

  • We test how your eBook looks on every major device before delivery

  • We advertise your completed book on our Social Media

We want to know what you think!

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Questions About eBook Formatting

How do you format eBooks and how long does the average book take to format?

We do our formatting from the ground up in xhtml/css. This guarantees perfect compatibility. For a detailed breakdown of our process, click here. The average novel takes 1 week, while more advanced books take up to 18 days.

Do you design, find fonts, or add illustrations along with formatting?

eBook formatting includes matching all of your existing design. For additional design services, see eBook Design

Do you take a percentage of my royalties?

We never take any royalties. All of our services are paid as a one-time fee.

Are there any types of designs you can't format?

We can format almost any design. Headers and footers are the only major exceptions.

Do you help upload my book to the major markets?

We always offer free online assistance and consultation. If you'd like us to do the heavy lifting, our fee is $25 per market.

Maintain The Look & Feel

All ebook conversions are hand coded by our professional team, using your original document as the guide. This means we can keep the original style & soul of your book - using experienced human intuition rather than automated programming.

free sample conversions

Free Samples of Your eBook

We offer free sample conversions of your work. This way, you can see exactly how the ebook will look to readers before purchasing a conversion. We offer up to 25 pages for normal fiction, 15 pages for complex formatting or non-fiction, and 3-5 pages for fixed layout. Contact us for a sample today

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"If I had known being famous would be this much fun, I would have done it 40 years ago... The team at could not be working harder for my success. Every exchange has been an absolute pleasure."

Satisfied customer Colin Cantwell

Colin Cantwell

Designer of the Death Star
& author of - CoreFires

Satisfied customer Derek Vasconi

Derek Vasconi

Author - KAI

"Createbook was seriously the ONLY ebook editing company that was able to preserve the unusual interior formatting of my book. It wasn't an easy job, but not only did the staff at Createbook get the job done PERFECTLY, they also did it in exactly the time frame they said they would... Createbook is the ONLY ebook editing service company I'm going to be using for all future ebook edits."

" is our new go-to for all things eBook. They took our existing ePub file and corrected every issue we had by directly editing the code. Their programmers are knowledgeable and professional. They turned the project over very fast and delivered on time. We could not be more pleased with the quality of the work."

Lynn & Vasilios Wennergren

Authors - Ars Vercanus

Melissa AuClair

Melissa AuClair

Publisher - Launch Your Creative Life

"I've worked with CreateBook on four different books. Their professionalism and knowledge are highly appreciated. I would definitely recommend them to a friend."

"Anni (Managing Partner) has been through both books and they look great. Having impressed her rarely happens – great job"

Carsten Sennov

Co-Author - Golden Age, Golden Earth

Melissa AuClair

Bill Tharp

Publisher - Optimystic Press

"I've had a chance to run the ebook through the Kindle-book Previewer and it looks great to me and every function operates the way I had hoped and expected it would.  You there at Createbook perform a great service for some of us out here and you do an excellent job of it... I look forward to our next project together.  Can't thank you enough!"