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Prose and Poetry

Spirit Prophecy by E.E. Holmes

The Key to Life is Acceptance by Alethia Venatici

Butcher Shop Quartet by Frank J Hutten


Hell Yes / Hell No by John Noe

How the Beatles Did It by Marc Platt

Joy is an Inside Job by Amanda Gore

Children's Books

Un Amour de Pylone by Mireille Roux-Glasson

B is for Brighton Beach by Michael Salita

Guides and Courses

The Moon and You by Barbara Hannelore

The Essential Guide to Business English by William & Barbara Cheesman

Braiding With Beads 2 by Karen DeSousa

Unlimited Revisions

Order with confidence, knowing that we will work with you until your book is absolutely perfect. Publishing books has never been easier but that doesn't mean it's hassle free. We understand that the finished ebooks may require revisions, so we always offer them free of charge


Chris Statz

Author - Modern Card Counting

"I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I wrote my first book - Modern Card Counting. Createbook was a huge help. They formatted the book for Kindle, helped me lauch the print edition, and they run my marketing campaign. Without the dedicated attention of Createbook's staff I may have given up on self publishing."

" is our new 'go-to' for all things E-book.  They took our existing ePub file and corrected every issue we had by directly editing the code.  Their programmers are knowledgeable and professional.  They turned the project over very fast and delivered on time.  We could not be more pleased with the quality of the work."

Lynn & Vasilios Wennergren

Authors - Ars Vercanus

Angel Andy

The Writer

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Melissa AuClair

Melissa AuClair

Publisher - Launch Your Creative Life

"I've worked with Createbook on four different books. They're professionalism and knowledge are highly appreciated. I would definately recommend them to a friend."